Monday, May 18, 2009

Take 8, Day 1: I Missed Again

I didn't want to but I couldn't,
I could have but I haven't;
I wasn't in control,
PC used by all;
Unless I insisted,
Lonely hearts created;
I missed posting yesterday,
But I'm done for this day.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Take 7, Day 2: Making It On Time

It's almost midnight,
Just logged in tonight;
Checked out Farm Town,
But it gave a sad frown.
I realized, though,
My deadline, I know;
A minute left,
Today's entry, inept.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Take 7, Day 1: Poegging Dot Com

I tried a search some six hours ago
From Mr. G, the word poegging
While most of the hits, I do know
There is one that's somehow inspiring

If you check the sidebar of this site
I coined the word poegging
It did not exist when I started to write
The search result was rather exciting

Immediately I checked my browser
If poegging dot com was taken
Happy with Page Load Error
Poegging dot com was still open

I went straight to GoDaddy
But my PayPal was two dollars short
I searched for a discount entry
My new domain's 7.69 worth

This site will still continue
For the purpose it was meant to be
Poegging dot com will start new
All entries poegged spontaneously

I've already applied for hosting
I invite you to visit the new site
I might make contests for poegging
So you can spontaneously write